Best Banks for Overdrafts
Best Banks for Savers
Best Banks for Travellers
Best Banks for Cashback
For those of us who find it difficult to save, an overdraft is a key feature for a bank account. So much so that when choosing a new bank account, having a good overdraft facility might be the deciding factor.

As such, there are numerous banks that provide great rates on overdrafts including interest free up to a certain limit. These are the banks that you will be wanting to look for, the one's that offer the best overdrafts interest free, for the longest period.

The First Direct 1st Account, Clydesdale Account Direct and the Yorkshire Account Direct are some of the top banks for authorised overdrafts.

There are also some unauthorised overdraft account such as Halifax Reward Account or the NatWest Select Account that could be worth looking at.
On the other end of the scale, we have those who are great at saving, thus have no interest in overdraft limits or late payment fees.

Those of you who fit in this category will instead be looking for a bank that offers the best interest rates on your savings.

Some of the top UK bank accounts for this are the Nationwide BSa FlexDirect, the Clydesdale Account Direct and the Yorkshire Account Direct.

All of these pay up to 5% interest on your current account balance.
People who love to travel abroad may find it difficult to pay for things or withdraw money when they are on holiday. In some cases, choosing a bank based on their foreign transaction facilites might be beneficial.

However, these cases are few and far between. In most scenarios, a simple low-cost card should suffice for overseas spending.

For those who travel constantly, on business for example, may truly require a bank account solely for travel purposes. The Metro Bank offers very low and in some cases, no fees whatsoever on foreign expenditures, however, in order to open an account you have to do so in one of their branches in London.

The Norwich and Peterborough Gold Classic Account is another option but you have to be paying in at least £500 per month.
Who doesn't like cashback?! Many banks now offer current accounts with cashback on a variety of things such as petrol, supermarket shopping and even insurance.

The Santander 123 Account offers great interest rates, up to 3% cashback on selected household bills and even cashback on your Santander mortgage.

The Halifax Reward Account says they will give £160 cashback as long as you deposit at least £750 per month, pay at least 2 direct debits and remain in credit. In order to qualify for this, you must have switch your bank account to this.

For those with poor credit, the Secure Trust Bank has no credit checks and yet still offers an current account with rewards!